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3 Genterations Of Real Estate Knowledge
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Some suggestions that should help for a faster sale of your home:

  1. First impressions are so important, the front door & greeting area should be clean & free of clutter, bugs, peeling paint etc…
  2. Curb appeal is also very important, keep lawn & shrubs trimmed and tidy, walkways & driveways free of items (i.e. toys, boats, old tires, trailers etc), garage doors, trim & eaves troughs should be clean, secure and painted if required.
  3. Homes should be well maintained, if a room needs painting, paint it! (neutral colours preferred), make minor repairs i.e. tighten loose knobs, lubricate any squeaky hinges, fix leaky faucets, replace broken glass etc….
  4. Repair any water damage from roof or basement water damage is a big turn off to prospective buyers, fix & patch where required, might be as simple as down spouts or caulking.
  5.  Very important to have kitchen and bathrooms shining and clean, organized to maximize space, store seldom used items elsewhere to create more space.
  6.  Bedrooms should appear neat and tidy, closets organized to make them appear larger.
  7. Basements and attics neat and organized to create more space.
  8. All stairways free from clutter.
  9. Most important your home should smell clean, if you have pets you may consider having carpets cleaned, fresh and bright is what sells, try to have all window coverings open, let the sun shine in, lights on, fire burning when appropriate, temperature of home should be desirable, cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

We hope some of these tips will bring you a faster sale & more $$$$!

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